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Diwali Swastika Cards, Swastika Symbol During Deepavali

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swastika is a symbol of hindu traditional customs and rituals associated with doing any auspicious work. In diwali, swastika symbol is adorned at the main entrance, puja ghar and pooja thali to begin the diwali puja process. Swastika stands for happiness, truth, worship and love for culture thats why people draw this symbol in the form of a rangoli, decorations, flowers, lamps, diyas and other stuff. Send these diwali swastika cards as a religious symbol to bring good things for your dearones.
Diwali Swastika Cards

Diwali Golden Temple Cards, Golden Temple, Amritsar on Diwali Day

Diwali has importance not only for hindu religion people but also for sikh people who celebrate this day with respect to sikhism. The welcome of sikh guru Guru Hargobind at Amristar marks this day when people celebrate 'bandi chorh diwas' just like the diwali tradition of lighting candles and diyas to give warm welcome. View these Diwali Golden Temple Cards to explore the real beauty of diwali celebration at golden temple, Amritsar in night when the whole area glow with yellow lights.

golden temple amritsar diwali scene

Beautiful Diwali Greetings, Beautiful Diwali Wishes

Make your diwali wishes to be beautiful and full of traditional beauty with these beautiful lights, rangoli, diyas, sweets, candles and glow during night. The words of wishes look beautiful with these cards to make your loved ones enjoy the scene of diwali celebrations. So, explore any of these beautiful diwali greetings to share beauty of this hindu festival.

Bollywood Diwali Wishes, Bollywood Diwali Cards

Diwali of Bollywood is celebrated in a unique way by actors and actresses with each other, friends, families, relatives and loved ones in a social way to seek blessings of fame, success, good movies and wealth in the year ahead. Even they send their warm diwali wishes to their fans and friends through television, print media and greetings designed specially with their autograph for people. So, view few samples of Bollywood Diwali cards with their warm wishes for people.
diwali in bollywood
bollywood diwali celebration cardbollywood diwali cards

Diwali Paper Cards, Diwali Paper Greetings

Paper cards are very much in fashion to share wishes, thoughts and feelings but during the religious days of deepavali, the use of diwali paper cards expresses warm heart-felt emotions as written in the greeting card. Various real paper, quality paper, strong paper are used to design and share shubh deepawali wishes.
Diwali Real Paper Greeting Cards
Diwali Paper Cards

Happy Diwali Greeting Cards, Decorations, Fireworks and Candles

Diwali Cards and Wishes


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