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Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrities are part of celebrations and special ceremonies. Likewise, during Diwali famous Bollywood stars, celebrities, hero, heroines and other popular idols are part of wishers exchanging Happy Diwali wishes to their fans and followers. For all such people, we present these Diwali Wishes By Celebrities with their photos.

Diwali Flower Rangoli Cards

Exchange happiness, love, warmth of Indian culture during Diwali season expressed through flower rangolis. We would like to update this free gallery with these Diwali Flower Rangoli Cards showcasing beautiful scenes and pictures of colorful flower rangoli decorated with lighted diyas and candles as well.

flower rangoli on diwaliDiwali Flower Rangoli Cards

Row of Diyas Diwali Card

Diwali denotes the row of diyas bringing happiness through a chain leading towards inside. On deepawali occasion, people light diyas in line to clear path with its light so that the darkness coming in between the way removes and glow come. We wish happy diwali to all our viewers with these row of diyas diwali card.
Row of Diyas Diwali Cardrow of diwali diyasline of diyas on diwali

Diwali Floating Candles Card

Candles bring happy scene of Diwali lighting when people light them inside temples, windows, floor and prominent open areas. We have added these Diwali Floating Candles Card to exchange happiness of season shared with floating lighted candles kept along with flower petals in a bowl.
floating candles for diwalihappy diwali floating candle wishDiwali Floating Candles Card

Diwali Snacks Cards, Special Deepavali Snack

Make these lovely snacks as part of your warm deepawali wishes to all your dear ones by offering them ready to serve snacks bringing flavor of Indian celebrations, culture and affection. We feel happy to present these Diwali Snacks Cards as a note of wishes with virtual Indian cuisine.

deepawali snacks

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