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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dussehra marks the triumph of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana who was killed by Ram with his bow and arrow. Dussehra celebrates the victory of god over bad thats why every year burn the dummies of Ravana, Khumbkaran and Meghnath to express joys of Dussehra. Exchange these dussehra cards and greetings to denote the glorious victory of Rama over Ravana.

Dussehra Cards

Animated Diwali Greetings, Animated Diwali Wishes, Cards

Enjoy the festival of lights in a animated way through these animated diwali greetings making your celebrations more bright and glittery. Share thes joys of diwali wishes by exchanging animated wishes and greetings. Enjoy the beautiful collection of animated diwali cards to feel the pleasure of lighting candles, diyas and bursting firecrackers.

Printable Diwali Cards, Printable Diwali Greeting Cards

Enjoy the festival spirit of lighting, diyas, candles, puja and other traditions by giving look of colors in these diwali printables. Access these printable diwali cards to send colorful diwali wishes. These printables are best for little kids and children who will enjoy putting their creativity and art of coloring to wish happy diwali.
Free Printable Diwali Cards
Diwali Printables

Durga Puja Cards, Durga Puja Greetings, Bijoya Greetings

durga puja is an important day for Bengalis and Maharashtrians who worship Maa Durga with great devotion and seek blessings of her by pracitising rituals and traditions on durga puja. Its a festival of colors celebrated in various states and regions of India by exchanging Bijoya Greetings and wishes to express happiness. All these durga puja cards are free to our visitors to enjoy downloading and forwarding.
Happy Durga Puja
Durga Puja Cards

Happy Diwali Greeting Cards, Decorations, Fireworks and Candles

Diwali Cards and Wishes


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